A discount, for you. Just to say ‘Thank You’.

Verat’s set for a successful 2016, thanks to you.

Verat may be less than a year old, but it’s because of you – my lovely clients – that I can welcome 2016 and head towards the first full year in business.

Therefore, I’d like to offer you a little something in return. Until the end of February, I’m running two special offers for my customers, just to say ‘Thank You’. With these offers, you won’t be compromising on the quality of the copy, but you will be saving some money. Win-win!


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Returning Client Discount

18th January – 29th February: 10% discount

Perhaps I’ve helped you with your website? Edited your adverts? Written your press releases?

But what about your latest promotion? Your new brochure? The latest blog post? You’re probably looking for more great content this year.

I’d love to help you out again. And, as you’ve worked with me before, I’d like to offer you a discount.
All you need to do is say ‘yes, I’d like to go ahead’ (with copywriting, copy-editing or proofreading) before the end of February, and I’ll give you a 10% discount on a project of your choosing.

And, as it’s a leap year, you also have an extra day to take me up on my offer.

Client Referral Fee

18th January – 29th February: 10% discount for new clients (on referral)
                                                      : 10% discount for existing clients who generate a successful referral.

My business grows primarily from word of mouth. And that’s brilliant. It means that my clients are so pleased with what I do that they’re sharing that with others.

Therefore, I’m offering a referral fee for all my existing clients. If you’ve worked with me, and you like what I do, spread the word.

If you tell someone about me, and they sign up, they’ll get a 10% discount on their first booking (when they book before 29th February).

And, once someone you’ve referred signs up, you’ll get a 10% discount on your next invoice – just to say ‘thank you’ for spreading the word.

Add that to your returning client discount, and that’s a brilliant 20% off your booking before 29th February.

New client? All you need to do is confirm who it is that recommended me, and when, and you’ll get a 10% discount on your first copy project.

Thank you once again for choosing Verat.

Imagec/o Brainscape

Image c/o Brainscape

Terms & Conditions (they may look scary, but they help keep everything friendly):

  • Valid on new quotes (not existing or ongoing projects) between 18th January and 29th February. The discount is applicable to one project only – so choose wisely!
  • The discounts apply only to copywriting, copy-editing and proofreading projects. Sorry, but I’m afraid that the discount isn’t valid for any project management or administrative support work.
  • To be eligible for the discount, you must confirm in writing that you wish to proceed with the booking. Confirmation must be received before 29th February.
  • Qualifying projects must have begun by 13th March, otherwise the offer will be invalidated and the non-discounted fee will be payable.
  • To qualify as an ‘existing customer’, you must have been a previous, paying customer of Verat and paid your invoice in full.
  • To claim the client referral discount, you must ensure that your contact states you as the source of the recommendation. Your contact must also make a valid booking with Verat. The referral system is applicable to new enquiries between 18th January and 29th February only.
  • The offer applies to direct referrals only. Sorry, but this offer doesn’t apply to any agencies or third parties.
  • The discounts offered remain at the discretion of Verat. Verat reserves the right to alter or cancel these offers without prior notice, or refuse to discount a project.



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