Childcare, coronavirus and copy: my son on Zoom

1st May, 2020

‘Normally’, my son attends wonderful childcare, which is brilliant for his development, my work, and our mutual sanity.Right now, we’re hanging out together all the time. So he […]

Work-life balance: the curse of being ‘busy’

16th January, 2020

My work-life balance has been wrong. It’s been a great couple of weeks for business. I’ve done loads of networking, won a few new clients, and got my teeth into some meaty projects with people I love working with. I’ve also cancelled lunch dates, catch ups and gym classes. I’m way behind on sleep. And my son asked me why I’ve not played with him this week. Ouch. I bloody love my work. And I’d like more of it please (March is looking rather quiet on the bookings front, guys).I really like […]

Why I fell in (and out) of love with LinkedIn

8th March, 2019

I used to be a big fan of LinkedIn. It found me some pretty good jobs, I connected with some big bosses at companies I worked with, and it doubled […]

It’s time to shout louder

10th December, 2018

This time last year, I was still in the haze of working post-maternity leave. (Maternity leave is a myth for the self-employed. But I’d taken a few […]

What’s cheesecake got to do with it? Strengths, weaknesses, and clever copywriting.

8th October, 2018

I didn’t think I’d find inspiration in Gregg Wallace this week. The MasterChef judge may have the authority on the best buttery biscuit base, but I doubt he […]

Growing your business? Bring in the pros.

3rd September, 2018

Is it OK to blow my own trumpet for a second?My business has grown quite a lot over the last few months.It’s been faster than I expected […]

And the Bad Grammar Oscar goes to…Apostrophe Abuse

1st February, 2018

Last week, I was standing in a queue in a coffee shop behind a lady with her hair tied in a bun. On the back of her neck, she had […]

‘Yule love this subject line!’ When email marketing gets festive.

1st December, 2017

It started in August.It was early. So when the email announcing it was ‘Christmas Party Time!’ arrived in late summer, I steadied my nerve.I love Christmas. It truly […]