The Yorkshire Choice Awards & Martin House

16th February, 2016

I’m a freelance copywriter. And I need to earn a living.Of course. We all do. I have a mortgage to pay, a car to insure and I like […]

Isn’t copywriting expensive?

2nd February, 2016

‘Copywriting…that sounds expensive’A self-proclaimed ‘low-cost’ web design company recently published an infographic they called ‘Avoid the Grammar Police!’ It looked pretty good. And, if you’re […]

A discount, for you. Just to say ‘Thank You’.

18th January, 2016

Verat’s set for a successful 2016, thanks to you.Verat may be less than a year old, but it’s because of you – my lovely clients – that I can […]

What does a copy-editor do? And why do you need one?

12th January, 2016

Improved copy, from a professional copywriter, that sits within a low budget? It can be done. You just need to consider copy-editing.I do a lot of copy-editing […]

Words To Say Goodbye To

6th January, 2016

It’s the time of year when we give things up.Chocolate. Carbs. Booze. Things we generally enjoy. Things that we look forward to after a long, cold January day […]

‘Tis the season of Christmas cheer…

22nd December, 2015

 …so I’m off to celebrate an incredible year.I’ve had a busy few weeks.I didn’t turn off the lights and shut the door of my office […]

Say what? The perils of business jargon.

17th December, 2015

How would you describe your skills and aspirations?You could quote one of the following examples:‘My first word wasn’t ‘mummy’. It was ‘money’.’ ‘Don’t tell me the […]

Does your copywriter know the rules of grammar?

8th December, 2015

Making basic grammatical errors weakens the impact of your copy and your integrity as a wordsmith.Recently, I noticed a blog post – incidentally, from a writer – entitled: ‘Reasons I Love […]