Work-life balance: the curse of being ‘busy’

16th January, 2020

My work-life balance has been wrong. It’s been a great couple of weeks for business. I’ve done loads of networking, won a few new clients, and got my teeth into some meaty projects with people I love working with. I’ve also cancelled lunch dates, catch ups and gym classes. I’m way behind on sleep. And my son asked me why I’ve not played with him this week. Ouch. I bloody love my work. And I’d like more of it please (March is looking rather quiet on the bookings front, guys).I really like […]

What do you do when things get tough?

10th October, 2019

Some days, I feel like I’m nailing this self-employment and parenting lark. Others, I get serious imposter syndrome and wonder if I’ve made a right royal cock […]