Copy that gives your business personality and makes you more money

You want to sell a service, promote a product, or just make sure people know you’re a good egg. So you need the words to tell them.

You’re really good at what you do. You’ve got some fab ideas, you’re a good laugh to be around, and you tackle the jobs that come your way with a killer approach that throws shade on your competitors.

But if you’re a ‘synergy-focussed solutions expert with a passion for customer care’, no-one’s going to have a bloody clue what you’re on about (or read on long enough to care).

Your copy needs to be free from naff jargon, full of personality, friendly to Google and fire-up your customers to think ‘hey, it’s YOU I need to buy from’. But how do you do that?

Give me a yell. I write and edit website copy, interview your clients for clever case studies, write your LinkedIn profiles, and more.

I work with marketing agencies and SMEs to deliver fresh, new content that boost your profiles, sells your stuff and makes you money. I help your big brand take a new direction, your start-up discover its voice, or your agency win new clients.

Is that for me?

You’re here because you know great copy is essential to business success. So it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been operating for years or your brand is still just a great idea. You’re in the right place.

Big business outsourcing your clients’ copy? Send it my way. We can do retainers, set hours, or ad-hoc content when you need it.

Small business, or working freelance too? Great, you can ask me to tackle a one-off project. Or, we can collaborate on stuff. Take a peek at how that might work.

OK, great. But what’s it going to cost me?

Good question. How much content are you looking for? Do you want to write a draft, or need someone to start from scratch? Are you not-so-bad at writing yourself, or admit that – honestly? – it’s just not your bag?

Yep, yep, ‘it depends’. Of course it does. But you’re business-savvy, and no one likes running in blind. So let’s start with a rough guide.

I’ve just edited a blog post for a client. She sent me the draft and some ideas, and my part cost her £50.

Last month, I wrote a full website from scratch, with research, company director interviews, and plenty of chatting with the web development team. That one was a little over a grand.

Tell me about your project, your budget and your deadline, and we’ll chat all things copy to get the right words for you.