Egg-ceptionally Bad Easter Copy

I have a problem with Easter. And it’s not only that the self-employed can’t delight in a weekend nestled between two bank holidays. It’s Easter copy.

Content over Easter has become painfully cliché. Someone, somewhere has decided that we all love a good pun, and that a little springtime enthusiasm will send us ‘hopping’ (groan) down to the shops to purchase our body weight in hollow chocolate eggs.


Year-upon-year, the same old, tired slogans land in our inbox and on our doormats. Here are a few recycled Easter horrors you’ll be familiar with:

Any ‘egg’ references. I don’t want to get ready for an ‘egg-citing’ Easter. Puns are not an egg-cellent idea.

Hunting for a bargain? Tenuous. But ever-present.

March Madness. Sounds like we’re all suffering from a degenerative bovine disease.

Anything telling me to ‘hop’ anywhere. Makes me want to lie down in a dark room.

Have a cracking time! / Get cracking! Sounds like a potentially violent command.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.It’s Easter! Shall we use an idiom? Yes, I know it doesn’t tell our customers anything about our product but hey, it’s seasonal!’

Spring has Sprung. Possibly OK if you’re a garden centre. Anyone else, shame on you.

Some bunny loves you. And it’s unrequited, based on this statement.

Have a bunny good time! Yes, I genuinely saw this. And I’m still scarred.

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Any Easter-horrors to add to the list? Give me a shout, and I’ll add them. And if you need rescuing from some hideous copy, just drop me a line.

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