Does your email stand out in the Christmas crowds?

Has your inbox been bombarded by Christmas cheer?

Mine too.

I love Christmas. Noddy Holder’s screaming announcement of its arrival is music to my ears. I ate my first mince pie of the year in October. I’ve been drinking Gingerbread Lattes for a good month. And I actually like The Muppet Christmas Carol.

You’re probably judging me on a personal level for this confession (have you got Slade’s Merry Christmas Everybody in your head now? Sorry). But that aside, you can’t escape Christmas.

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Everyone has some festive cheer to sell you at Christmas. They want you to buy your gifts from them. They want you to eat their turkey sandwiches, and they want you to stop off for a festive drink (guilty, as charged). They want you to hold your Christmas party with them so badly that they asked you in August.

And now we’ve been gifted Black Friday from our American friends, we have the heightened frenzy of the last week of November to contend with.

Our brains, and our inboxes, are getting full.

The obvious issue is that once you’ve reached the point of saturation, it’s difficult to get anything else through. A swift touch of a screen allows us to delete, delete, delete without a moment’s hesitation, bypassing offers and promotions. We just can’t take anymore.

What you’re offering your customers in your email is probably pretty great. Your products are brilliant, and you’re offering 20% off in store this week? There’s a free gift with every purchase? You have the ideal present solution for nightmare mother-in-laws? Brilliant – but is anyone opening the email to see that?


We like to think we have a loyal email readership awaiting our every message, but even your repeat customers can be fickle friends when your email lands. We often take less than a second to judge whether that email is worth saving from the lure of the ‘Bin’ icon. So, if your email subject line’s not hitting the spot, it’ll be gone. It’s pretty ruthless.

Email subjects are one-line advertising. They’re your sparkly shopfront. Your billboard. Your festive drink sample (here I go again…). Therefore, it’s crucial that you get them right. A good subject line is the difference between an eventual click-through and a swift condemning to ‘Trash’.

So, let’s get your emails opened. Let’s get your customers to read, click-through, and purchase. Let’s stop them buying from your competitors instead of you.

What will make your email stand out in a steady stream of seasonal celebration?

The answer: great copy.

And I can help.

Want to know how? Just drop me a line and I’ll tell you. Let’s chat over a mince pie. And I promise not to sing carols.
07940 393086

(If you’re feeling the pressure of writing an email after reading this post, you can use the subject line ‘Eggnog Latte’ if you like. That’ll never go in the ‘Trash’.)

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