Isn’t copywriting expensive?

‘Copywriting…that sounds expensive’

A self-proclaimed ‘low-cost’ web design company recently published an infographic they called ‘Avoid the Grammar Police!’ It looked pretty good. And, if you’re unsure of some of the rules of grammar, it gave you some good advice.

However, their opening paragraph stated that you needed the infographic as ‘you certainly don’t have the budget for a professional copywriter’.

Ah, OK.

That’s not a fair comment to make. For starters, it’s not a friendly way to support other industries. But, most of all, it’s inaccurate.

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Let me tell you what is expensive:

  • An all-singing, all-dancing, bespoke website – with poor copy. Sure, your site may look beautiful. But fail to communicate your message and your website’s unlikely to convert visitors into customers. Fill it with typos, and you’ll look unprofessional. And don’t forget: it’ll be a lot harder for search engines to find if you if your copy is naff.
  • Paying a really low price for your copy. There are some fair exceptions to this rule (perhaps you’re a charity, and you’re receiving a goodwill discounted rate? That’s lovely). However, in most cases, there’s a reason that your copy isn’t costing you very much: it probably won’t be very good. And you’ll need it to be rewritten by someone else. Then you’ll pay for it twice.
  • A beautifully-designed ad campaign with an unclear message. Or a glaring typo. You’re running a high risk that your audience just won’t get it. You’re jeopardising your image by making mistakes. You’ll have spent money producing your ad, then you’ll spend more money getting it re-done.
  • Time. You’re probably wasting it writing copy yourself. A professional copywriter will do it much quicker, and probably a lot better. Spend your time focussing on what you do well, and the service you provide your customers. And leave your copy to a pro.
  • Viewing copy as ‘just word count’. You want an article that’s 500 words long, and you wonder why you’re being charged more than a tenner for it. Thinking of copy in that way is expensive.
    You ask a copywriter for copy, and you get more than just words. What you actually receive is a researched, drafted, redrafted, edited, polished, professional piece. It’ll be delivered by someone who’s spent time understanding your business and getting to know your audience, so they can speak to them in a way that encourages sales/brand awareness/whatever your goal is. Your copywriter is a crucial part of your sales and marketing team. Can you afford to be without that?
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As great copy is essential for success, I strongly believe in affordable rates that make it accessible. I work with many SMEs, start-ups and family firms; therefore, my prices are honest and fair. No, my fee isn’t ‘cheap’. But it reflects the skills I have and the value I add.

I’ll always chat honestly and fairly about budgets. Each proposal I send lays out options to suit both your needs and your bank balance.

Oh, and a consultation to talk it through? That’s free. Always.


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