Short on time? Low on sales? Lost for words?

Hey, I’m Laura. I’ve been writing copy for just over a decade, parenting a crazy child for three years, and failing to tame a wild hairstyle for a lifetime.

As a freelance copywriter, I help your business find its voice and use it to build your brand.

Say again?

Your website feels tired and dull. Your LinkedIn profile is a yawn-worthy CV. Your case studies are years out of date. And your blog? Well, let’s not mention the last time you updated that one.

Copywriters save you time, stress and make you money with content that sells your stuff to the right people.

My clients need me to:
• Find a voice for their brand
• Write jargon-free website copy
• Give them new content ideas
• Check their work for accuracy
• Help them sell their products and services.

With my help, they get:
• More sales
• An authentic voice
• Fresh and relevant content
• Error-free copy
• Greater visibility.

Sounds great. But can you do that for me?

Sure. Give me a shout and tell me a bit more about you and your business, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

Starting out, or rebranding? Great. Let’s work on tone of voice and style. I’ll write your website, build your blog, and create your content plan.

Drafting your own copy? No problem. Let’s amend and proofread. I’ll edit your work so it’s error-free, fit for purpose, and on-brand.

Alright then. But why you?

Ten years in the content game. Five years as a freelancer. I didn’t pick up a pen yesterday and think it’d be a fun idea to give this copywriting gig a crack.

Most of my clients are repeat customers. And I get most of my work from recommendations. From that, you can guess that people like what I do and want to tell others about it.

Looking to grow your business through clever copy? Drop me a line.