Made A Mistake? You Need An Apologist Copywriter.

Sometimes, things go wrong. Catastrophically, infamously wrong.

Whoever you are, you’ll have made a mistake. For some of you, it might be as simple as forgetting to reorder the printer ink. For others, it’ll have been pretty major. You might have lost a few quid, or even a client.

Businesses at all levels will, invariably, have at least a minor mishap along the way. But when you’re as recognisable as Volkswagen, the slip-ups can be rather damaging.

There’s an old adage that ‘there’s no such thing as bad PR’. However, when it eradicates trust from your brand, global-notoriety is pretty bad news.

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Fortunately, all’s not lost. While you take the practical steps to recover, you need to get a message to your customers and repair their faith. Easier said than done, however; when you’re the one who made the mistake, it can be hard to think rationally and objectively.

This is when you need a copywriter. An apologist. Someone who doesn’t know why the error happened, but who does know what your customers want to hear to repair the damage.

Right now, owners of a Volkswagen don’t want technical jargon. They don’t need to know whether the car on their driveway had an XYZ test, and was claimed to be ZYX. They don’t care. They feel defrauded, and they need reassurance.

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What they want to know is fairly simple: do you feel remorse, and are you going to sort it out? Kudos to the author of this copy, who’s allowed Volkswagen to do just that: to raise their hands and say ‘Yes, we got it wrong. And this is how we’ll make it right’.

That’s why you need a copywriter. An objective outsider, who doesn’t even need to know exactly what went wrong. They just need to know how to put the words together to start to make it right.

A little remorse goes a long way. Get the tone of voice right, and you’re half way there.

Whether your business is sinking or swimming, you need good copy. Get in touch to see how I can help.

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