Words, wherever you need them

Let’s keep it really simple. I offer:

• Website copywriting (from full sites to single page updates)
• Blogging
• Press releases and case studies
• Email campaigns
• Social media content
• Brochures, adverts and signage
• Product descriptions
• Profile creation (i.e. ‘About Me’ pages).

That said, chances are you’ll come across a time when you need some other type of content. (I’ve written and edited formal letters, handbooks, and planning applications too.) Just ask, and hopefully it’ll be something I can cover.

I can’t do it all…

I’m not a tech wizard. So I’d never charge you to publish your blog on your site, or do anything with your IT systems. I’d hate to press the wrong button.

I’m no medical specialist either. Therefore, I’m afraid healthcare copywriting isn’t my bag. But I can certainly point you in the direction of people who know their science stuff better than I do.

I work with some talented web developers, video producers, graphic designers, and virtual assistants, alongside many other lovely people. If you’re keen to complement your copy, I can put you in touch.

Copywriting & Copy-editing