The driving force behind hitting that deadline, keeping you on budget and putting your work back on track.

Often, the need arises for additional project support. And it’s vital to have someone trustworthy and experienced that you can call upon.

How can I help you?

You may be preparing to deliver a proposal, or have won a recent pitch. You might have a looming client deadline, with new elements added to the project daily. You may be approaching a national event, and finding that your team are already stretched to their limits.

You need some additional support at these pressurised times, and an experienced, freelance project manager you can call upon. At Verat, I’ll become your first port of call.

Successful project management requires a sound knowledge of process and a wealth of experience. Whatever the scale of your plans, I work seamlessly in conjunction with your existing teams to bring all elements of your project together cohesively.

How am I qualified?

I’ve worked on some large scale projects, both in advertising agency employment and for Verat. I managed a full re-design of multiple luxury travel brochures, with high print runs. I oversaw a huge category label overhaul for one of the largest departments of an international supermarket chain. I co-organised a multi-exhibitor fair at a prestigious northern venue. And I delivered complex point-of-sale material for the launch of a global sporting giant’s new retail product.

I’ve been responsible for adhering to strict budgets and tight deadlines, scheduling multiple projects, and liaising with senior stakeholders. I know how to handle a pressurised project management process. And that’s the experience I’ll bring to you.

I didn’t name my company Organised* for nothing. Keen to see how I can help with projects of any size or scope? Drop me a line.

*Verat means ‘organised’ in Latin, a name borne, with friendly humour, out of a love of lists, diaries and spreadsheets, and a ‘Monica Gellar’ approach to cleaning.