‘Tis the season of Christmas cheer…

 …so I’m off to celebrate an incredible year.

I’ve had a busy few weeks.

I didn’t turn off the lights and shut the door of my office on 18th December. Instead, I’ve been ignoring last-minute Christmas shopping in favour of 2015’s final press releases, blog posts and adverts.

I’ll be at my desk – on and off – until the 23rd December. From then, until 4th January, I’m taking a well-earned rest. I’d love to tell you I’m putting my feet up. Instead, I’ll be driving around visiting family, attending a wedding and attempting to cook a turkey without poisoning my friends. (I’ll let you know how it goes.)

So, over that time, the office is officially closed.

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I’ll be back to normal office hours on 4th January, when Verat will be approaching its first birthday.

Since I launched Verat in spring, I’ve worked with some incredible clients and received some lovely feedback. I’ve proofread copy for start-up SMEs, copy-edited content for long-established businesses and written for internationally-famous organisations. Not a bad start. What’s more, over 80% of my clients have returned with repeat business within two months of working with me. I’m pretty proud to be able to say that.

If we’ve worked together, then a sincere ‘Thank You’ for choosing Verat this year. I hope that my clever copy has added real value to your business.

See you next year (provided my Christmas dinner attempt goes OK, that is….),


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