‘You’re a copywriter? What’s that, then?’ Find out what a copywriter does, and why you should hire one.

‘So, what do you do then?’

Whether you’re at a networking event, sat next to someone at a wedding, or making small talk with your hairdresser (yep, that does sometimes happen here in the UK), it’s a pretty standard intro question.

And, as a copywriter, it’s not always that straightforward to answer.

If you get chance to explain yourself properly, it is – from your LinkedIn bio to a quick verbal explanation (‘I’m a freelance copywriter: I write award-winning websites for the travel and leisure industry’ etc). But if someone jumps in after the word ‘copywriter’, or if you’re simply wearing a one-word networking name badge, I find people draw all sorts of conclusions.

‘Copywriting…like, legal stuff?’ Nope, that’s copyright. And I’m no lawyer.

‘Oh, great, my cousin/sister/dog got an A in English Language A-Level.’ That’s nice. But it doesn’t make them a copywriter.

‘Ah, you’re a writer! Have you had any novels published?’ I’d love to tell you I’m J. K. Rowling. But this is a different sort of writing.

Here’s what we copywriters actually do. Plus a little bit of the how, and why that actually matters to you and your business. It’ll also tell you why hiring one of us is pretty essential.

(I’m not a graphic designer. It would’ve taken me ages to come up with this infographic. So full credit here goes to ABC Copywriting, who’ve kindly agreed that we can reproduce this work.)


ABC Copywriting, What Does A Copywriter Do?

For the record: by claiming ‘anyone who can write…can be a copywriter’ they mean anyone who can write well. It means that there’s no specific qualification or exam, but that a copywriter must be able to do the things the infographic highlights. And it’s always worth asking about their experience to check that they’re actually going to be any good. (Or checking their testimonials, which you can do here.)


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