What does a copy-editor do? And why do you need one?

Improved copy, from a professional copywriter, that sits within a low budget? It can be done. You just need to consider copy-editing.

I do a lot of copy-editing. After all, it is one of the primary services I offer at Verat. But I’m often asked what copy-editing actually is. So let me explain a little.

Are you writing something about you, your company and your brand? Is this something you’re passionate about? Do you care if people read your content, and how they perceive you as a result? Answer ‘yes’ to any of the above, and you need to chat to a copy-editor.

Image c/o Book Cover Café

Image c/o Book Cover Café

What actually is a copy-editor?

A copy-editor is an unbiased third party, helping you to improve your work.

You’ve written the piece, so you know it pretty well. And that’s often the problem. Sometimes, you need a fresh – experienced – pair of eyes to take a look over it for you.

Mistakes and ambiguities can be distracting to your reader, and off-putting to your potential customer. As your copy-editor, I’ll look at your copy just like your customer would, and see if you’re achieving what you set out to do.

The idea, quite simply, is for me to help you look as good as you possibly can, and give your work that professional finish.

What does a copy-editor do?

A copy-editor will check errors in spelling and grammar, and pick up any mistakes, but will also edit the content.

Copy-editing includes a variety of different things, all dependent upon the nature of the piece. However, when I copy-edit, I’ll always ensure that your copy is accurate and fit for purpose. I’ll check for inconsistencies, amend wording to avoid repetition, and adjust awkward phrasing. I’ll look at the extent of the piece, removing superfluous words or suggesting if an increase in word count is required.

I’ll also flag any issues of concern, raise necessary queries and suggest where there may be any formatting issues (if relevant to publication). All this is done with the purpose of the piece in mind.


What does copy-editing cost?

Copy-editing is a little cheaper than copywriting. I certainly can’t speak for other companies, but that’s the case here at Verat.

Why? In honesty, it’s because you’re asking for a little less from me. You’re giving me a more complete piece of work.

Let’s be clear though: a lower cost doesn’t devalue what a copy-editor actually does. It’s a hugely beneficial stand-alone service that can make a vast difference to you and your business.

What it does mean, however, is that there’s a copy service that’s perhaps a little more affordable for you.

Where do you go from here?

Got your content? Great – just give me a call. I’ll take a look, iron out any errors and make some suggestions to improve it. My perspective will be clear and objective.

The best part? My copy-editing service starts from just one hour’s work. That might be all you need to get your copy corrected and tweaked, and project the right image of your business.

Want to chat about how I can help you? Find out a little more about what I do, and who I’ve worked with, here. Then drop me a line: laura@verat.co.uk

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