Work-life balance: the curse of being ‘busy’

My work-life balance has been wrong.

It’s been a great couple of weeks for business. I’ve done loads of networking, won a few new clients, and got my teeth into some meaty projects with people I love working with.

I’ve also cancelled lunch dates, catch ups and gym classes. I’m way behind on sleep. And my son asked me why I’ve not played with him this week. Ouch.

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I bloody love my work. And I’d like more of it please (March is looking rather quiet on the bookings front, guys).

I really like the networking groups I go to. I pick ones filled with lovely people.

And winning new clients in the first week of the new year? Wham bam, yes please.

But tomorrow, don’t call me: I’ll be at the park. Or playgroup. Or eating cake in a café. Wherever I am, I’ll be taking a day off with a toddler in tow. In fact, I’m taking three days off, because it’s also my birthday and I’m a sucker for a celebration.

Lesson learned? Yep, take it all on. Just not all at once.

P.S. For World Mental Health Day 2019, I wrote a few tips on the things that help me when it all gets too much. As it sometimes does, when you’re a business owner. A parent. A chief-life-admin-football-practice-taxi-manager. I’ll be calling on them again now. I need to.

If, like me, you feel the same overwhelm, set a few boundaries. Take a day off. And know when to slow down before you’re forced to.